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Paolo Costa, autore, traduttore e agente letterario

Born and raised in Trapani, on the western end of Sicily, after graduating from high school I decided to continue my studies in Foreign Languages and Cultures at the University of Perugia.

Ho lavorato con Quixote Edizioni and Hope Edizioni, lavoro per Queen Edizioni come traduttore e agente letterario, collaboro con Royal Books Edizioni and Sàga Edizioni che rappresento nei rapporti con l’estero.

Nicole Teso, autrice bestseller di Il Mio Meraviglioso Imprevisto

My biggest congratulations to Paolo Costa, a great guy and a loved one for me.

With well-written and meaningful stories, he's going to have a great career ahead.

Nicole Teso,
bestselling author of
“Il Mio Meraviglioso Imprevisto”
Chiara Rametta, autrice di Non Giurare sulla Luna

With a poetic vein, Paolo Costa is capable to delicately represent the LGBTQ+ reality.

With surprising stories, Paolo Costa manages to hit all the right notes.

Chiara Rametta,
bestselling author of
“Non Giurare sulla Luna”
Debora Spatola, autrice di "Avvento"

Reading is empathy, and Paolo Costa made me feel things I didn't think I could feel.

He broke down prejudices and closures, telling me a complex and meaningful story with simple words.

Debora Spatola,
bestselling author of

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